torsdag 11. august 2011

How to sleep better! My tips at least... ♥

This is a pretty random post, I must say, but I've found some ways that make me sleep a whole lot better, and I want to share my tips with you all.

My cute little kitty taking a nap in my bed.

1: Make sure your bed is clean. When you smell the cleanness you're going to feel sooo relaxed and happy.

2: Open your window. Don't open your window if there's a lot of noise outside, of course, but if you live in a quiet neighborhood the open window will freshen up your room.

3: Turn of all your lights. You probably won't be able to relax fully if your have any lights on in your room. If you're scared of the dark, you can always open your door a tiny bit and have the light on outside your room.

4: Have a scented candle burning. This helps me a lot! Scented candles can make your room feel so much cozier.

I know my candle is nasty and full of cat hair, but this isn't the one I use. I have an aroma burner with Yankee wax tarts in it. I can do a post on it later, kay? :)

5: Do all your thinking and worrying before bedtime! If you have something to worry about, think it out before you're going to bed. That way you won't be lying there thinking about all kinds of stuff all night.

By the way, I'm sorry I didn't write a single blog post last week... I guess I was just lazy. I'll try to make it up this week by posting three blog posts. :)

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