lørdag 13. august 2011

My attempt on DIY half lashes...

I just used some cheap lashes from eBay and cut them in half. I'm using Ardell DUO lash adhesive in clear, which I got recently and I'm loving it so far! The half lashes look just as good as full ones in my opinion, if you just forget the fact that when you close your eyes or look down, you can see where the false lashes start and stop, lol. BUT, half lashes are so much more comfortble and a lot easier to apply than the full ones. Oh, by the way, I purchased the DUO lash glue from, and they ship to Norway for pretty cheap if you're a fellow Norwegian. :)

I edited all of these photos, but only the colors and stuff. ;)

Okay, guys! I did it! I posted three blog posts this week! Yay!

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