onsdag 27. juli 2011

Ooops, I did it again...

I went shopping again. But who can blame me when there's sales everywhere? Here's what I got:

I got this painting from IKEA because I'm in the middle of changing up my room a lot. I actually got my mom's room, which is bigger than my old one so I'm stoked! It's like a birthday present from my mom (my birthday's 29th of July). The paiting was 69,- NOK I believe. I have no idea why, but it kinda reminds me of the TeleTubby world... :)

I also got these divider thingys from IKEA to put in my Helmer (a thing with drawers I'm going to put all my makeup in). I got three of them, but I have no idea how much they were.

I got this basic top from Lindex in the sale. It was 40,- NOK (sale). I found out I actually like some of the stuff in Lindex, even though it's considered kind of tacky (in lack of a better word) by people my age. They have cute underwear there, though! :)

Lindex, 30,- NOK (sale).

I got this one in Lindex, too. But as you can see, it's missing two buttons! The lady who worked there gave us two buttons to sew on ourselves. It was 89,- NOK in the sale.

I got two of this jacket, actually, but I'm going to share this one with my mom, lol. This was 69,- NOK in the sale. Wait, what? We paid more for the broken one!? Fail.

I got this black simple top from Lindex in the sale. It was 40,- NOK. Peace!

These two gorgeous cocktail rings were only like 14,- NOK each! From Lindex.

This is what I wore. You might recognize some of the stuff from my last haul post. :)

I got these awesome shoes in Zara when I went to London earlier this summer.

Yup, I'm full of cat hair. Great.

This necklace is from Denmark this summer, but I don't know the name of the store, sowwee.

Oh, and by the way, I'm going out of town to visit family tomorrow, and I won't be back before Sunday. That means this is probably going to be my last blog post this week!


tirsdag 26. juli 2011

Late night blogging...

I found Birdy's song "Skinny Love" through Beautycrush/Samantha on YouTube, and I adore the song! It's a cover of Bon Iver's "Skinny Love", but I don't even want to hear his version, because Birdy's is simply divine! I believe Birdy's real name is Jasmine, and she is a 15 year old girl from Britain. I wish I could sing like her... sigh. Please go visit her YouTube (OfficialBirdy) and listen to the songs she has posted there.

søndag 24. juli 2011

Outfit & Makeup of the Day! + special message at the end.

I actually took these photos a couple of days ago, but I just haven't had the time to post them before now. I figured I could do an outfit with one of the tops I bought the last time I went shopping, so I did. It's a very simple outfit, I didn't really go out that day. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the photos!

Tanktop: BikBok.
Yellow top: BikBok.
Tights: BikBok.
Lol, I didn't realize I was wearing all BikBok.

Shoes: H&M.

Necklace: Secondhand (I got it in Fretex, which is like a thrift store.)

I really can't be bothered to write down all the stuff I had on my face, 'cause it was a lot. Sowwee!

I just wanted to write something about what has recently happened here in Norway. I'm thinking about everyone who has lost someone, everyone who worries and are scared, everyone who got hurt, and everyone who lost their lived this horrible way. We all have to stay strong as a big family and remember what's important in life. We have to appreciate what we have, and show our loved ones we love them. I don't even want to think about what it would be like to lose a friend, family member, or even someone I hardly knew at all. My heart bleeds for all of you. We had no one to lose, but still, many was taken away from us. Way too many...

In Norwegian:
Jeg ville bare skrive noe om det som nylig har skjedd her i Norge. Jeg tenker på alle som har mistet noen, alle som er bekymret og redde, alle som ble skadd, og alle som mistet livet på denne grusomme måten. Vi må holde oss sterke som en stor familie og huske hva som er viktig i livet. Vi må sette pris på det vi har, og vise de vi er glad i at vi er glad i dem. Jeg vil ikke en gang tenke på hvordan det ville være å miste en venn, et familiemedlem, eller til og med noen jeg så vidt kjente. Hjertet mitt blør for dere alle. Vi hadde ingen og miste, men likevel ble vi fratatt mange. Alt for mange...

Much love. xx

tirsdag 19. juli 2011

Shopping with my MOM!

I went to the center of our city today to do some shopping with my mom, and I just thought I should show you all what I got! There's a big ol' sale going on now because all the stores are selling out all their summer stuff, so most of the things I got today was on sale. We also went to this really cute little café and ate cake and fries, but I don't have photos of that :)

BikBok, 49,- NOK (sale, was 149,- NOK).

BikBok, 99,- NOK (sale, was 149,- NOK).

BikBok, 89,- (sale, was 299,- NOK).

BikBok, all were 99,- NOK (297,- NOK for all three together).

BikBok, 299,- NOK.

Lindex, both 29.50,- NOK. Awesome conditioner and shampoo! They make my hair real soft and deliciously manageable :)

Bra: Lindex 49,- NOK (sale). Accessories: Accessorize, both 23.50,- NOK (sale, 47,- NOK for both).

I wanted to show you guys my nails of the day, so just ignore the disgusting chippedness of them. I didn't apply a topcoat cause I'm lazy ;p

Bye for now, lovelies! xx

lørdag 16. juli 2011

Welcome to my new blog!

Hello, everyone!
I've just made a new blog for the third and hopefully last time. The name of my blog has also changed (it used to be meplusgrace). There are different reasons to the changes, but basically I just couldn't seem to find the perfect platform. Blogspot/Blogger is probably the closest I'll get to perfect, so I'm excited to start this brand new blog. I'll try to spend time on every blog post, and we'll see how many there will be every week. My goal is two or three to begin with, but there might be more in the future. This was just a little introduction, so I'll see you later! If you want to know more about me, you can go read the "About me"-tab :)

Maia xo♥