tirsdag 19. juli 2011

Shopping with my MOM!

I went to the center of our city today to do some shopping with my mom, and I just thought I should show you all what I got! There's a big ol' sale going on now because all the stores are selling out all their summer stuff, so most of the things I got today was on sale. We also went to this really cute little café and ate cake and fries, but I don't have photos of that :)

BikBok, 49,- NOK (sale, was 149,- NOK).

BikBok, 99,- NOK (sale, was 149,- NOK).

BikBok, 89,- (sale, was 299,- NOK).

BikBok, all were 99,- NOK (297,- NOK for all three together).

BikBok, 299,- NOK.

Lindex, both 29.50,- NOK. Awesome conditioner and shampoo! They make my hair real soft and deliciously manageable :)

Bra: Lindex 49,- NOK (sale). Accessories: Accessorize, both 23.50,- NOK (sale, 47,- NOK for both).

I wanted to show you guys my nails of the day, so just ignore the disgusting chippedness of them. I didn't apply a topcoat cause I'm lazy ;p

Bye for now, lovelies! xx

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  1. Girl, those earrings are hot! I so want them now! You truly are an awesome shopping diva! Way to go with those rocking nails!

    -Larissa Dobbin